Hi my name is Bala and I have two main goals in life — I do my best to keep them in balance. Without a proper balance in life…well, things get out of balance (duh!)

I try to not allow that!

Work Hard…

Many say work is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t need to be so evil. Work hard but have fun at it. If you have a stressful job that does not bring you some level of joy on a semi-regular basis it might be time to find a new one. My passion is helping others with health and wellness. Helping others is what brings joy into my job.

Play Hard…

For those of you that used to be a kid (that should be most of you…) you might remember how much fun it was to just play. Play is lost somewhere in life for many of us. As you grow older you play less. I remember as a kid just playing all day long (with short breaks for lunch). Do you remember simply knocking on a friends door and saying, “Can Jimmy come out and play?” Those days may be lost but play time doesn’t need to be. Find some time to play and when you play, get the most out of it. Play usually includes some move, some thought, and some smiles.

Say what – it isn’t that easy?

Ok, great Bala! But how do you do it? Well, this blog of mine is going to share some of things I do to work hard and to play hard. Creative writing can be a form of work and a form of play – tricks like combining work and play are just the tip of the iceberg!