The New Year is almost upon us and I am sure that a lot of you are busy trying to make those New Year resolutions that you probably won’t remember you made till late December next year. Anyway, just kidding, am sure that most of you have thought about getting fit this coming new year. This is a really good call as you might have noticed some extra fat sticking out of you or you might have noticed how heavily you breathe when you walk up two flights of stairs. It is okay to realize this real soon and make shedding off that extra weight part of your new year’s plans. Each one of us, I am sure will agree when I say that we each have our own individual reasons as to why we want to join a fitness program or just do some workout. Now, this is important because therefore, it begs the fact that we can’t all have the same goals, can we? We can’t. So, what I will give you below is how you can effectively get to exactly the goal that you will set for you come January.


The first and most obvious step that you need to know is the actual setting of the goal part. You need to sit down and actually realize why you are actually doing this and what you hope to achieve at the end of it all. Remember to keep your goals realistic. There is no point in pushing yourself too much, just make sure that you can even subdivide your goals into little ones each day so that they are attainable more easily. It may help to work with a personal wellness coach if you get stuck.

The next step that you actually need to invest in is making a plan. I am sure that you are a busy lad and finding time out of your busy schedule will be quite a challenge, therefore you need to make sure that you have actually found time. Whether it is school or work, you need to find the time to do your workout.

The third step that you will have to actually realize is getting to work on the goals that you have set. Maybe a gym membership to you as a new year’s present would suffice in this case. You will need to do a lot and put in a lot of effort so, be prepared for this as January approaches.

What you will also need to do come next year that you haven’t been doing before is actually sticking to the plans as well as the goals that you will set. Most people fail because they don’t actually stick to the plan which is basically the most important aspect of any workout routine. Make it a part of you and I promise you that by the end of one or two months, you will be surprised.

After doing all these that I have told you, you remain with only one thing and that is reaching your goals. You will be overjoyed when you get to what you were aiming for. This New Year though, don’t just make resolutions and leave them to hang, no. Go out there and prove to yourself that you can actually make a change.

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